Keep to the marks to the Aquinas Manage Place. You can search the bottom floor regarding footlockers with many products, including a black market biomod. Strategy the actual holocomm and also speak to Saman. Drop the stairs and employ your Aquinas Centre. Decide on "Upload Specification on the handset for you to Templars". Today make your way returning to free airline facet associated with Flexibility Isle. Be prepared to encounter a number of opposition because you leave UNATCO. When you strategy the particular Sculpture, Tracer Tong and a few crawlers will attempt to avoid you. Get them to spend then walk on the Helios Uplink Device.This revives JC Denton to buy lol accounts be able to their human self.

Deal with off against him or her the last time. Freedom Isle : cont.Principal Target: Eliminate JC Denton Once more.Wipe out him or her inside overcome again then get up on the machine and then use it yet again to complete the Templars finishing.Adhere to LeoLeo features their own ideas on how to handle the chaos you happen to be within.Tactic the actual UNATCO chemical substance for term from Leo. He or she wants to chat more details on his / her plan. You may also grab a blackmarket biomod container and a refire rate mod regional. To do his objective, you must conquer every one of the leaders. This can be JC Denton and Henry Denton, Chad Dumier and Nicolette with the Illuminati, and also Saman from the Templars.

You have to wipe out them all.JC Denton is found at lol 30 level accounts the bottom with the Statue involving Liberty encompassed by many turret defenses. John is additionally generally there if you improved him or her at the conclusion of the prior quest. In the event that vacant useless next he is underneath the proper your Templars and Saman inside the eastern side facet involving Freedom Island. Destroy both of them. You can find Chad Dumier and also Nicolette in the Illuminati within the Illuminati Encampment.The Templar Encampment involves a few great items, including this kind of illegal hacking community biomod.Your encampment incorporates a repairbot at the entrance and also patrolling professional pads (in addition to a dangerous leveling bot).



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